Teeth Chipping: Risk factors and Recovery

Teeth Chipping: Risk factors and Recovery

Chipped teeth are both a cosmetic problem and a health danger. Chipped teeth disrupt the appearance of your smile, creating an uneven line and sometimes even dark holes in your smile. So, consider contacting your dentist in Blacktown as soon as possible.

Why do my teeth keep chipping and breaking? And, what is the solution for it? Probably these are the question you may have right now if your tooth keeps on chipping! This is what we are going to see in this blog. Let’s look at some of the possible causes for chipped front teeth and its recovery tips.

What Are the Causes Of The Chipped Teeth?

The possible causes of a chipped or cracked tooth, which reduce the strength of a tooth include:


Excessive teeth grinding, called bruxism, will cause chipped or cracked teeth.

Poor Hygiene

Poor oral care will make you vulnerable to a chipped or cracked tooth, especially if your tooth enamel is already damaged or thinning.

Hard Hit

Trauma and injury to the face, mouth, and jaws. For example: While playing sports, being hit in the face with a ball.

Bad Bite

A hard bite into excessive pressure on something hard.

Such as,

  • Ice cube
  • A piece of hard candy
  • Bone


Cavities are another cause of teeth chipping. It can weaken the teeth and predispose you to a chipped tooth.

Do Braces Weaken The Teeth?

The teeth are moved within the gums during the course of braces Blacktown treatment. If you, as a patient have been good in maintaining the hygiene around the gums, teeth & braces, it will not weaken the tooth support, and you no need to fear of chipped tooth.

So, follow your dentist instruction regularly.

Chipped Tooth Recovery

Contact your orthodontics in Blacktown. Yes, as you know, broken or chipped teeth may not necessarily cause immediate pain.  But, did you know if the break has travelled to the nerve, you might experience occasional discomfort when chewing, for example, or sensitivity to hot and cold? In addition, chipped teeth can be more prone to decay, and may crack, exposing the living pulp inside the tooth. So, contact the dental office and book an appointment with your dentist in Blacktown shortly for treatment.

Final Recap

Chipping one tooth is the sort of thing that can happen to anyone, but if you find yourself with several chipped teeth, definitely there is a severe problem. Infections can arise quickly, so you want to make sure that you get the correct treatment as soon as possible. With regular check-ups and discussions with your dentist in Blacktown, you can stop fractures and cracks from developing into problems.



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