Maintaining a White Smile: Care Tips After Teeth Whitening

Maintaining a White Smile: Care Tips After Teeth Whitening

After spending your time and money on teeth whitening, it’s natural to want to keep that dazzling smile as long as possible. Thankfully, this isn’t a tall order. With a few tweaks to your daily routine and some diligence, you can maintain your whitened teeth. Dentist Amir offers you seven practical tips to keep your teeth gleaming white after a teeth whitening procedure.

Choose the Right Food and Drinks:

Be mindful of culprits like tea, coffee, and that tempting glass of red wine. These usual suspects, along with dark berries, are notorious for staining your pearly whites. Foods such as strawberries, apples, and celery double as natural cleaners, scrubbing your teeth as you munch. And here’s a handy tip, if your favourite snack or drink has the potential to leave a mark on your white tee, it’s likely to do the same to your teeth!

Use the Right Toothpaste:

When it comes to maintaining your radiant smile, the toothpaste you select is of paramount importance. After eek out toothpastes boasting whitening ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. These magical elements actively combat surface stains.

Steering Clear of Tobacco and Alcohol:

Tobacco and alcohol are notorious enemies of a gleaming white smile. Smoking in particular, is a habit that packs a potent punch of destruction to your pearly whites, causing yellowing and stubborn brown stains that are quite a challenge to erase. And let’s not forget the harsh impact of alcohol. Overindulgence can lead to the erosion of your tooth enamel, leaving your teeth looking dull and far from their whitened glory.

Regular Dental Check-Ups Are Essential:

By taking you through a professional teeth cleaning in Blacktown, your dentist can eliminate any stubborn plaque or tartar in hard-to-reach corners of your mouth. These areas often escape the reach of even the most diligent brushing and flossing efforts. A meticulous cleaning session with your dentist can leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean, maintaining their post-whitening sparkle.

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking the recommended amount of water isn’t just good for your body, it can work wonders for your brilliant white smile too! The power of hydration can play a key role in keeping your teeth gleaming post-whitening. Hydrated gums are happy gums, and in turn, they keep your teeth looking their best.

Touch Up Treatments:

Resort to touch-up treatments whenever your teeth call for extra care. A dentist can promptly address any discolouration attempting to shadow your radiant smile. Do keep in mind to discuss with your dentist beforehand to make sure you opt for the best touch-up solution for your sparkling teeth.

Preserving your radiant smile post-teeth whitening doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Once you’ve achieved that dazzling smile, follow these tips to maintain it as long as possible. Talk to our dentist Dr. Amir if you’d like to know about the teeth whitening and teeth cleaning cost in Blacktown today.



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