Do You Want a Healthy Smile? Avoid These Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

Do You Want a Healthy Smile? Avoid These Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

A research conducted by the Oral Health Advisory Panel (OHAP) reveals that about 2 million Australians are not comfortable with how their teeth look. The majority of Australians claim a healthy smile is the most appealing element when viewing other people’s selfie shots in social media. We know that good oral health is the key to self-esteem, and this survey result shows that.

So, do you want a healthy smile? Well, your daily activities could ruin your chances. It is no wonder that if you do not practice good oral hygiene like brushing and flossing you probably won’t get the prettiest smile. However, from chewing on pen caps to biting your nails, some habits are terrible for your teeth. Surprised? Read on further to discover the day-to-day activities that can wreck your teeth.

Using teeth as tools

The cosmetic dentist in Blacktown reports that many people rely on their teeth for many jobs including, to open a bag of potato chips, uncap a bottle, pull out the watch stem, and rip a price tag off a piece of clothing. Do you know how harmful these habits are for your teeth? It can be hard on your teeth, causing the edge of a tooth to chip or even fracture.

If a tooth is chipped the chances are high that it may be fractured any time and it can ruin your smile. So, beware of what you are putting in your mouth and use real tools to the odd jobs.

Crunching, sucking, and sipping

When you eat ice often, your teeth can chip or crack and ice can irritate the tissues around your teeth that can affect your oral health. Chewing ice can also cause microscopic cracks in your tooth’s enamel and leads to major dental problems over time.

Crushed ice is less harmful when compared to big ice cubes, but still, cosmetic dentist in Blacktown don’t encourage it. Some even keep the pits of fruits such as apricots, peaches, and plums in their mouth to suck on and then crunch on.

Another worst habit is sipping sugary soda all day. Yes, the constant exposure to sweet and acidic beverages can foster tooth decay. These habits are really bad, and they can literally damage your teeth. You cannot get a healthy smile unless you stop doing these.

Grinding your teeth

Whether you grind your teeth during day or night, it is harmful and can wear down your teeth. Though teeth grinding is caused by several reasons, it is more likely caused by an abnormal bite or crooked teeth. If you have these dental problems, consult the cosmetic dentist and find solutions to fix it as crooked teeth may ruin your smile. The dentist in Blacktown may suggest wearing a mouth guard for teeth grinding at night. If it is caused by stress, consider counseling or exercise programs.

In addition to eating healthy foods, drinking more water, and practicing good oral hygiene, visit your dentist for a regular checkup, cleaning, and teeth whitening Blacktown to help keep your mouth healthy and have the sparkling smile.



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