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Children Dentistry

Oral hygiene for your children

When it comes to looking after your child’s oral health, it’s never too early to start. And as far as visiting the dentist you can bring your child in to see Westpoint Dental Clinic as soon as their first tooth has erupted. The advantage of this is we can assess their oral health and see how their tooth development is going.

What you can do for your child at home

You don’t have to wait for your child to have teeth before you start cleaning their mouth. What we mean is as soon as you start feeding your child you should gently wipe their gums with a damp cloth. This will prevent sugars and other materials from settling on the gums. Did you know that how well you look after your child’s baby teeth can determine how healthy their adult teeth are?

Not only do baby (milk) teeth act as place holders for adult teeth, they also play an important role in speech development. Once your child’s teeth do start to erupt we recommend using a pea-sized amount of tooth paste to clean their teeth. By bringing your child to the dentist at an early age they can become accustomed to our friendly service and associate the dentist with good oral hygiene.

Fissure sealants

A fissure sealant is applied to the chewing surface of a tooth to prevent cavities from forming. Once the coating is applied it will stay on for a number of years (the number of years depend how well the tooth is looked after).  Molars and premolars have pits and grooves on the biting surface which can be difficult to brush, the benefit of fissure sealants is that they make it easier to keep these teeth clean.

Blacktown Family Dentist

The team at Westpoint Dental Clinic are happy to help children and their parents on providing children with the tools and the knowledge on how to look after their oral health

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Microscopic Dentistry

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Whether you are looking to whiten, straighten or strengthen your teeth; Westpoint Dental Clinic have got the treatment for you. Using microscopic dentistry our team can provide you with more accurate treatment, the benefit of which is cleaner and more certain outcomes.

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