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Alleviate the pain with root canal therapy

Once considered one of the most painful procedures, root canal therapy is now basically no more painful than having a filling. One of the greatest things about root canal therapy is: by treating the tooth your Westpoint Dental Clinic dentist can eliminate the problem which is causing you severe pain.

Root canal therapy removes infected pulp tissue and then replaces that infected pulp with a special material to help maintain the structure of the tooth. Depending on the severity of the infection, root canal therapy can between two and three appointments. Also depending on how much of your tooth is treated you may require a dental crown to protect and strengthen the treated tooth.

Treating root canal therapy with a surgical microscope

By using a surgical microscope for root canal therapy your Westpoint Dental Clinic dentist can more accurately clean the tooth of infection. This reduces the likelihood of any post-treatment complications as well as provides you with a treatment with far less risk of perforating the root canal wall.

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