Preventive Dentistry Blacktown NSW

Preventative Dentistry

Keeping your natural teeth for as long as you can is the best thing for your oral health

With regular dental check-ups, your friendly Westpoint Dental Clinic dentist can help you maintain your oral health. For optimal results we recommend you visit us every six months for a check-up, scale and clean.

The benefit of a scale and clean is that it removes tartar and plaque from your teeth—because a toothbrush, flossing and mouthwash cannot. Even if you have an impeccable at-home oral hygiene routine, plaque and tartar will still form. By having your teeth cleaned periodically you will help to prevent decay from eating away at your tooth.

Think about it like this: either a brief visit to the dentist every six months to keep your teeth healthy, or: run the risk of letting the plaque and tartar build up and slowly eat away at your tooth. Left untreated this can cause problems such as pain, swollen gums and even tooth loss. With stringent at-home oral hygiene routine and regular visits you can help to maintain your natural teeth for longer.

Some other preventive treatments Westpoint Dental Clinic offer are:

Preventive Dentistry

It is not difficult to look after your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, and consuming less sugary food and drinks all contribute to maintaining your natural teeth for longer. So too does drinking water, chewing sugar-free gum and eating certain fruits and vegetables.

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Microscopic Dentistry

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Whether you are looking to whiten, straighten or strengthen your teeth; Westpoint Dental Clinic have got the treatment for you. Using microscopic dentistry our team can provide you with more accurate treatment, the benefit of which is cleaner and more certain outcomes.

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