Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges Sydney NSW

Dental crowns and dental bridges are important restorative treatments designed to replace missing teeth and repair damaged teeth.

  • Visiting dentists with Masters in Prosthodontics
  • Tooth-coloured porcelain restorations suit the colour of your natural teeth
  • Fill in gaps and treat decayed teeth!
  • Microscopic dentistry ensures a perfectly fitted restoration
  • Chew food comfortably and effectively once again
Dental Crowns
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“Crowns and bridges are both used to restore the function and appearance of your smile. We use only the highest quality materials for our restorative procedures to ensure your solution is long term and looks natural next to existing healthy teeth. We also have a visiting prosthodontic specialist who consults on our special cosmetic dentistry cases.”

— Dr Frank Meshkani

Why do I need a dental crown?

If you’ve been recommended a dental crown then it is likely you have a chipped, cracked or broken tooth. There are different types of dental crowns available depending on where the damaged tooth is located inside of your mouth. Crowns are typically made out of porcelain with a metallic base, although they can also be fully ceramic or fully metal. Porcelain-on-metal crowns mean you will receive the strength and durability of a metal crown with the aesthetic appeal of a porcelain restoration. The porcelain will be colour-matched to the shade of your natural tooth so no one will know you have a restoration.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a cost-effective option for replacing a missing tooth. It is comprised of one or two dental crowns and a prosthetic tooth.

How long do Crowns and Bridges take?

From start to finish, the treatment for a dental crown or bridge takes approximately two weeks. During your first appointment we will take an impression of your smile and send it off to the lab. If you are receiving a crown then a temporary crown will be placed while the laboratory constructs your permanent crown.

Your next appointment will be roughly two weeks later. During this appointment, we will remove the temporary crown and bond the permanent dental crown to the tooth. If you are receiving a bridge then we will also prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap so that crowns can be fitted over the top.

Why visit Westpoint Dental Clinic for your crowns and bridges

We practice microscopically-assisted dentistry which means that every procedure we do is magnified by our dental microscope. This ensures that there’s no small space we can’t see, which in some cases can mean the difference between an effective treatment and a non-effective one.

We also have a visiting prosthodontist, Dr Cooper, who will consult on cases that require complex cosmetic and restorative treatment. Dr Cooper is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry and will ensure your restorations are fully functional and fit well with your smile.

Our clinic is conveniently located in Blacktown, West Sydney. We service surrounding areas including Parramatta and Seven Hills.

Don’t leave issues untreated

If you notice dental pain, have discoloured teeth or, worst of all, missing teeth, it is imperative you visit a dentist that can professionally restore the integrity of your smile. If these problems are left unaddressed they can lead to further issues requiring root canal treatment or extraction. Leaving a gap in your smile can also result in degeneration of the jawbone which can affect your facial profile and chewing function.

Dental  Crowns and Dental Bridges Sydney

At Westpoint Dental Clinic we offer dental crowns and bridges to help restore your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

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