Why Is Oral Care Vital during Pregnancy?

Why Is Oral Care Vital during Pregnancy?

Calcium is lost from the teeth of the pregnant women during pregnancy – Although this bit of folk wisdom is a myth, it also rings a warning bell to expectant mothers. During pregnancy, women go through hormonal changes, and this takes a toll over their oral health. Several conditions, such as gingivitis and plaque become worse. Pregnancy gingivitis has become a common issue during the first trimester of pregnancy due to the fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy.

Blacktown dentists suggest pregnant women receive a routine dental examination to avoid any dental issues, including gum disease causing swelling, tenderness, and bleeding to the gum area.

Recent data from the University of Adelaide Dental Practice Education Research Unit reveals that 70% of pregnant women suffer from gingivitis due to hormonal changes. When not treated, it could lead to periodontitis, a more serious gum disease that has adverse effects on you and your baby’s health.

According to Blacktown dental experts, going to the dentist during pregnancy is paramount to avoid any oral health issues. They also believe that women who get their teeth cleaned regularly before they’re pregnant don’t always visit their dentist for a tooth cleaning during pregnancy.

Blacktown dental experts also add that pregnant women have a greater risk of tooth decay during pregnancy. This is because they are snacking throughout their pregnancy and morning sickness exposes teeth to harsh acids.

Importance of Regular Dental Visit

Scheduling a regular dental visit helps you to avoid any dental issues that you may get during pregnancy. Moreover, your dentist will look for signs of tooth decay when you get your teeth cleaned every six months. They will also detect any mild symptoms of gum disease.

When to See Your Dentist?

Regardless of the stage of your pregnancy, you must visit your emergency dentist in Blacktown as soon as possible to avoid any issues that could affect your oral health. The time and length of the procedure are tailored to meet your needs, and they keep your visit as comfortable as possible. Many Blacktown dental experts suggest the second trimester as the best time for getting your dental procedure. Some of the dental treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, implant placement, or wisdom teeth removal can be delayed until after the baby is born if it isn’t causing any pain or affecting your baby.

The Bottom Line

Proper dental care is essential during your pregnancy, and this could be achieved by monitoring your oral health and hygiene habits. Maintain routine care with your dentist, including exams and cleanings, uphold good oral hygiene and eat a well-balanced diet to avoid any issues that could affect your oral health.



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