Floss Your Teeth the Right Way for Bigger and Bright Smile

Floss Your Teeth the Right Way for Bigger and Bright Smile

Flossing is a sign of good oral hygiene, and it keeps your teeth and gum healthy by cleaning and removing food caught between your teeth. It also reduces the growth of bacteria in your mouth and minimises plaque formation.

The dentist in Blacktown agrees that many people don’t floss regularly or don’t do it at all. They also insist that avoiding flossing could result in serious dental issues which can lead to a stubborn plaque build-up on your teeth. Taking immediate action against this could help you reduce cavities and gum diseases such as gingivitis.

A recent data reveal that 44% of patients surveyed admitted they have exaggerated to their dentist about how often they floss. Some patients complain to their 24 hour dentist in Blacktown that they find it too difficult and painful to floss their teeth. This is because they do not know the right way to floss their teeth.

Flossing Should Never Hurt

Yes, when done in the right way, flossing should never hurt your teeth. If you encounter pain while you are flossing your teeth, it could be a sign that it’s high time to change your flossing technique. When done wrong, it could potentially damage your teeth and make any underlying gum tissue even worse. Some people are worried over flossing around their artificial crowns because they are afraid it’d hurt. But, they should also remember that artificial tooth is made of sturdy material and firmly affixed with dental cement. So, they can floss around just like their natural teeth.

According to a Blacktown Dental Clinic, a person must brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. It’s always better to floss first and then brush. This works well because flossing loosens the debris and brushing afterwards removes the loosened particles away. Here are a few steps to floss the correct way.

  • Pull out a few inches of dental floss, wind it around your fingers while leaving an inch or two of the string in the middle to work on your teeth.
  • Gently move in an up and down motion between your front teeth and then curve the dental floss to clean around the base of your teeth.
  • Use clean floss whenever you move from tooth to tooth.
  • Repeat it for the other front teeth too. Flossing your back tooth can be challenging. You can either use long floss or a floss pick or an electric floss to floss your teeth.

24 hour dentist in Blacktown suggests using an antibacterial mouth wash or water to rinse your mouth after flossing. Don’t overdo flossing or do it hard, but follow a gentle approach to clean your teeth without injuring gums.



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