What to tell your child about visiting the dentist

What to tell your child about visiting the dentist

For your child visiting the dentist does not have to be scary

Most people who are afraid of the dentist have had a prior bad experience or dislike the idea of needles. Children have not yet had these experiences. Essentially, they are a clean slate: totally impressionable. So if mum or dad convey fear, mistrust or dislike for the dentist it is possible this will be mirrored in your child.

The best thing to do when talking to your child about the dentist is to discuss with them the importance of looking after the oral health. And then explain how the dentist can help them maintain their oral health.

The dentist is their friend

At West Point Dental Care we strive to provide children with the same level of care we provide our adult patients. We also work to ensure children enjoy their visit and have positive associations with their dentist.

If you bring your child into West Point Dental Care around the time their first tooth erupts, we can determine the health of their teeth and gums and advise you on the best way to proceed with their oral health.

Creating positive associations for your child will allow them to keep visiting the dentist to help maintain their oral health.



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