What is a Prosthodontist & how they can help you

What is a Prosthodontist & how they can help you

Find out why ‘Prosthodontics’ is a term that you should know, especially if you need to replace a missing tooth or get dentures.

What is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist that has undergone extra training (usually 3-4 years) to achieve a Master’s degree in prosthetic dentistry. They practice in the field of prosthodontics and are considered a specialist in that field. This specialisation is used to create prosthetics – which include fittings like crowns, bridges and dentures. It is vital that these features appear natural which is why it is wise to visit a specialist in the field or at least visit a dental practice that has access to their expertise.

Apart from the creation of prosthetics, Prosthodontists can also assist in treating patients that have suffered from dental trauma. If you have suffered a dental injury, or if you have a severe case of decay, then we may refer you to our in-house prosthodontist for a consultation, to ensure your new smile will be restored to its former glory.

Westpoint Dental Clinic has a visiting Prosthodontist

For all of our patients that require dentures, or for patients that require a specialist’s opinion, we employ our visiting prosthodontist, Dr Cropper. Dr Cropper works at our Blacktown clinic 2-3 days per week and assists our team in the creation of dentures and other ceramic prosthetics such as crowns.

With the expertise of our primary dentists and our prosthodontist Dr Cropper, we are able to give our patients the utmost care at a single location. Our patients find this convenient as they do not need to visit another clinic or be referred out to a specialist – they can simply book an appointment with our prosthodontist instead.

In most cases our primary dentists will be able to handle all of your dental concerns including root canal treatment and crowns. However, in some cases our dentists may recommend a complex case to specialist prosthodontist.

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