Top 5 Signs of Emergency Dental Care You Should Know

Top 5 Signs of Emergency Dental Care You Should Know

When you experience toothache and pains, leaving them untreated might lead to serious problems requiring immediate treatment. With different types of dental issues, it might not be easy to know whether it’s something you must be really concerned about. Make note of these 5 signs that you should consult a 24 hour dentist in Blacktown as soon as possible.

You Experience Intense Tooth Pains:

If you have been experiencing severe and persistent tooth aches in the past few days, chances are there’s gum disease or infection. If the pain is manageable, you can try some home remedies. However, if the situation gets worse or the pain doesn’t go away, you should get in touch with a 24 hour dentist in Blacktown at the earliest. Besides pain, you may also experience tooth sensitivity, fever, and swelling in the face or mouth. If you notice any of these symptoms, get emergency care right away.

Swollen Mouth or Jaw:

There are different reasons that could cause a swollen jaw, including swollen lymph nodes, infection, and more. When you have a swollen jaw, it might be really hard for you to open your mouth or chew your food. Due to bacterial infection, you may also experience a bad taste in your mouth. In this circumstance, it is ideal that you contact an emergency dentist very soon.

Bleeding Gums:

It’s not that serious when you notice mild bleeding due to gum disease, or right after flossing. But if the bleeding is continuous and a little too much alongside swelling or pain, talk to an emergency dentist in Blacktown immediately. Excessive bleeding could also indicate periodontal disease.

Tooth Numbness:

Intense toothache obviously indicates a dental problem, and when it’s accompanied by numbness, it requires attention. If you have been experiencing pain for a while, and all of a sudden the tooth becomes numb, it’s probably due to infection. Tooth numbness is usually caused when the infection spreads and impacts the root of your teeth. In this case, experts might recommend root canal treatment.

Broken Tooth:

If your tooth is broken and it causes extreme pain, an emergency dentist can help. Not only will they help minimise pain and discomfort, but they’ll save your tooth as well. Rinse your mouth with warm water. If bleeding, apply a gauze on the area until it stops. If the entire tooth is broken, rinse it to remove dirt and debris, and keep it in a clean and dry container. A cold compress on the cheek near the broken tooth will ease pain and reduce swelling.

If you experience anything unusual with your teeth or gums, make no second thoughts and get in touch with a Blacktown dental clinic to prevent adversities. Keep their contact information handy to obtain immediate assistance.



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