5 Common Dental Emergencies & How to Handle them

5 Common Dental Emergencies & How to Handle them

Dental emergencies such as injuries to the teeth or gums require immediate action. Good and timely dental care from a 24 hour dentist in Blacktown is quintessential. Ignoring tooth problems will only increase the potential for extensive damage, which further results in more expensive treatments or procedures. A lot of dental emergency practises offer 24×7 assistance for immediate care and treatments, so be sure to have their contact information handy. Here are the 5 common dental emergencies listed below and what you should do about it.

Broken Tooth:

Even a simple injury results in a broken tooth. Breaking a tooth could cause the dental pulp known as dentin to be exposed. This requires prompt attention from a dentist to eliminate any further problems.

Be sure to save the pieces of the tooth. If there’s bleeding, apply gauze on the area until it stops. If there’s swelling, you can use a cold compress against your cheek close to the area of the broken tooth. Remember to rinse your mouth and the broken tooth pieces as well.

Cracked Tooth:

If your tooth is cracked, rinse the area and your mouth using warm water first. To control swelling, if any, press a cold compress onto your face. Contact a 24 hour dentist in Blacktown without delay, and they’ll tell you what you should do next.


In case you didn’t know, abscess refers to the infection that occurs in the gap between your teeth and gums. It can also damage the tissue and surrounding teeth if the infection is serious. When untreated, it could spread and affect other areas of the body too. Until you get emergency assistance from a dentist, rinse your mouth with mild salt water to get relief from pain and to eliminate the pus from the surface.

Crown Fall Off:

If your dental crown fell off, contact an emergency dentist in Blacktown for assistance. Before meeting the dental professional, use a denture adhesive to place the crown back, and hold it for the time being. If you feel pain, wiping clove oil using a cotton swab on the sensitive area will provide relief.

Injuries or Bleeding of Soft Tissues:

Mouth injuries could cause bleeding of your gums, lips, or tongue. In this case, rinse your mouth with mild soft water, apply pressure on the bleeding area using a tea bag, and hold it for some time to control the bleeding. Alternatively, a cold compress on the cheek close to the bleeding area also works. Seek assistance from a dental specialist, but remember to keep applying the pressure/cold compress until you get treated.

When you experience a dental emergency of any sort, don’t wait to contact a Blacktown dental clinic. The best dental services will be committed to offer quick and quality assistance to their patients.



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