These 7 Expert Tips will Help You Recover Smoothly After Wisdom Teeth Removal

These 7 Expert Tips will Help You Recover Smoothly After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure that is usually suggested by dentists to prevent crowding of teeth, infection, cavities, or other oral problems. Once a wisdom tooth is extracted, people might experience pain, discomfort and swelling during recovery. You must know that this is quite normal, and that you can have a smooth recovery if you follow these expert tips.

Plan Ahead:

Before wisdom teeth removal in Blacktown, contact your dental professional to know what you would be going through during recovery. Prepare a list of all the instructions provided by the dental specialist and be sure to ask them any questions you may have. The dental expert will suggest you to take a few days off from school or work and make sure that you are fully recovered, so plan accordingly.

Use Teabags to Control Bleeding:

After the wisdom tooth is extracted, you may experience pain and bleeding. The best way to control bleeding is to gently bite on a tea bag. Tea leaves are found to promote blood clotting and reduce pain at the same.

Cold Compress with Ice Packs:

Swelling is highly likely after wisdom teeth removal in Blacktown. Apply a cold compress with ice packs on the cheek area close to the surgical site in order to reduce swelling and bruising. This can also reduce any discomfort you feel. However, for those who’ve had tooth infection before undertaking the procedure, the dental expert will recommend warm compresses.

Protect the Surgical Site:

The first six weeks during recovery is a crucial time when you should provide utmost protection for your surgical site. Infections can occur at this time, so make sure you follow proper oral hygiene habits for a speedy recovery. Do not touch the surgical site unnecessarily and make sure no debris gets close to the area. You will be provided important tips and instructions by the dental expert to prevent infections.

Stay Away from Solid Foods:

Liquid diet is strictly recommended during the first 24 hours after the procedure. Consume lots of liquid to prevent dehydration. An expert orthodontist in Blacktown suggests following a nutritious soft diet plan after dental procedures. Stay away from foods that require chewing. Remember, do not use straw to consume liquid foods, since it can impact the blood clots.

No Smoking & Alcohol Consumption:

Usage of tobacco products and alcoholic drinks will significantly delay the healing process, increase the chances of infections, and cause discomfort. Hence, refrain from smoking and alcohol throughout recovery.

Take Enough Rest:

For a successful recovery, take adequate rest after the procedure. Do not go exercising for at least a week and avoid strenuous activities. Giving your body enough time to relax will allow it to recover easier and faster.

Follow these tips for an easy recovery after tooth extraction. Good dental care centres integrate microscopic dentistry in Blacktown to provide accurate and precise dental procedures for patients. If you have any questions, contact a dental expert today.



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