Root Canal vs Extraction

Root Canal vs Extraction

Why root canal therapy can be better for your oral health than extraction

There is a simple reason root canal therapy is better than extraction: it maintains your natural tooth. While extraction is sometimes necessary for wisdom teeth and a few other instances, keeping your natural teeth is better for your oral health.

When you lose a tooth a number of things happen. The teeth on either side of the gap start to shift in order to close the gap. Additionally, the bone which holds the tooth root in place starts to dissolve, this is because when you bite the pressure on your teeth stimulates jawbone growth—when there’s no tooth the jawbone doesn’t get this stimulation and so it starts to atrophy.

Jawbone doesn’t grow back.

Root canal therapy from Westpoint Dental Clinic

At our Blacktown dental practice, we offer root canal therapy using a dental microscope. This allows us to provide more precise treatment and to more thoroughly clean away the infected pulp. By cleaning away all the infection and sealing the tooth roots there will be no more swelling as a result of pain and you’ll be able to maintain your natural tooth.

In some cases the treated tooth may require a dental crown in order to strengthen and protect it. While this is not necessary for every tooth treated by root canal it is sometimes advised in order to reinforce the structural integrity of the treated tooth.



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