Microscope Enhanced Dentistry to Create a State Of Art and Precision Based Dental Clinic

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry to Create a State Of Art and Precision Based Dental Clinic

Introduced in 1967 by Dr. Peter J. Jannetta, surgical microscopes have enhanced the vision of every surgeon to perform surgeries with superior precision. Today, technology is emerging very rapidly in all fields including dentistry. Clinical microscopes were introduced in the field of dentistry about 15 years ago and are serving as the best tools to visualise and analyse dental anatomy that are not visible with the naked eye otherwise.

What are Dental Microscopes?

Dental microscopes are similar to any standard microscope which zooms into tiny microscopic objects and areas. These dental microscopes have objective lenses on movable and flexible extendable arms and are used to zoom in miles ahead of the regular magnification. Dental microscopes are used in different number of dental treatments for its greater accuracy and efficiency.

Amazing Benefits of Microscopic Dentistry

Here we have listed a few benefits of microscopic dentistry.

Early Diagnosis

Remember the cliché “You can only treat what you can see”? It’s not far from the truth. Dental microscopes come with a higher resolution and provide magnified view of the teeth and the mouth at 20 times magnification. This helps you to decay or rot on teeth and pick up bacterial infections under gum tissue which often cannot be seen with a naked eye at a very early stage.

Enhanced Treatment Methods

The higher magnification feature of the dental microscope enables the dentist to use the high precision tools on the affected area for a lesser amount of time. This results in more conservative painless dentistry which the patients love and hence delivers an enhanced and better dental care.

Saves You More Money

As stated earlier, microscopic dentistry helps you to detect your dental problems at an early stage. Early detection of dental problems means saving thousands of money enhanced and better dental care.

Other Benefits:

  • Better conserves tooth structure
  • Decreases trauma to oral tissues
  • Decreases trauma to soft tissues
  • Quick after-surgery healing
  • Minimises post-operative symptoms

Microscopic Dentistry – Types of Dental Procedures

Regular Dental Examinations

Dental microscope is used in regular dental check-ups for immediate detection and better prevention of dental health issues. Most of the dentists in Blacktown employs dental microscopes for precise diagnosis and create a customised dental treatment plan that fits the needs of every patient.

Gum Diseases

Since microscopic dentistry provides a greater level of magnification and accurate evaluation, they are used in examining the condition of gums, and various other areas of your mouth. These microscopes ensure total safety and accuracy throughout the procedure.

Root Canal Therapy

Dental microscopes provide a more magnified view of minute small root openings and improve the success rate of the procedure.

It also finds its place in other dental procedures like restorative dentistry, dental implants and other cosmetic procedures.



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