Got Cavities? Here is What You Need to Know

Got Cavities? Here is What You Need to Know

According to the Australian Dental Association, “tooth decay is Australia’s most prevalent health issue and five times more common in children and it is the second-most costly disease linked to diet, with about 11 million newly decaying teeth arising every year.”

Do you know about 90% of problems with teeth can be prevented? Yes, with a healthy diet, proper dental care, and practicing good oral hygiene you can avoid most of the dental issues, especially dental caries. From an aesthetics point of view, healthy teeth are essential. But, these shocking statistics show that many might be affected by tooth decay in some point of their lives, and end up visiting the emergency dentist Blacktown due to unbearable toothache. If left untreated, tooth decay can become painful, unsightly, and even worse irreversible.

What causes tooth decay?

According to the Australian Dental Association, the frequent consumption of sugary foods and drinks are the significant causes of tooth decay and poor oral hygiene running a close second. The process of tooth decay begins when you start consuming high sugary foods and drinks. When the bacteria in the mouth convert sugars in food into acids, it immediately begins to erode the enamel on the tooth surface, causing cavities to form.  Enamel is the protective coating on the teeth that against tooth decay, but when plaque sticks to your teeth the acid in plaque can erode it.

You would also be surprised to learn that sugary foods and drinks are not alone responsible for tooth decay. Yes, as part of the digestion process, bacteria create acid from any food that contains high sugar or in the form of carbohydrates including potato chips, snack bars, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, peanut butter, soft drinks, and popcorn to name a few.

What are the signs of dental cavities?

The following are the symptoms that indicate your tooth is decaying, and patients who often ignore these signs of cavities end up visiting the emergency dentist Blacktown due to pain.

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth pain
  • Black stains on your teeth
  • A hole in your teeth

What are the treatment options for cavities?

There are several ways to treat cavities including


The dentist in Blacktown removes the decayed material from a tooth and then fills a tooth with a substance such as silver or composite resin to prevent further infection.


For severe decay, the dentist may place a customised cap over the tooth to replace the natural crown. Before starting the procedure, the dentist will remove the decayed material from the tooth.

Root canal

When tooth decay causes the death of the nerves, the dentist will perform a root canal to save the tooth. The nerve tissue, blood vessel tissues, and decayed areas of your tooth are removed. Finally, a custom-fit crown is placed as a replacement for a decayed tooth.

Whether it is tooth decay or tooth pain or wisdom teeth removal Blacktown, never put off dental care as it may lead to further dental issues. Practice good oral habits, stick to a healthy diet and visit the dentist twice a year to maintain your oral health.



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