All of Your Questions Answered About Root Canal Treatment

All of Your Questions Answered About Root Canal Treatment

We all tend to overlook tooth pain or teeth sensitivity without knowing the consequences. Have you ever taught what happens if you ignore teeth sensitivity and pain? Well, you’ll lose your teeth one day. You’ll never know the pain and embarrassment having of missing teeth. Anyone who has lost their teeth can tell how overwhelming and stressful it is to manage with missing teeth.

If your dentist recommends a root canal, please get it done. Of course, hearing root canal treatment during your dental examination can be intimidating. But, the truth is Root canal Blacktown procedure is done to save your tooth. You will have many questions in your mind regarding root canal procedure, that’s why we, Blacktown dentists, have answered all your questions about the treatment.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Fear is the enemy! Yes, one of the major reasons why people avoid Blacktown dental procedure is dental fear and anxiety.

See, dentistry has come a long way. With advanced dental techniques and technology, dental treatments are less invasive and painless, making it to recover quickly. The Root canal Blacktown procedure itself is done under anaesthesia, and you won’t feel any pain. In addition to it, you can opt for sedation dentistry where there are medicines that can help you relax and comfortable, making it virtually a pain-free experience. Many times, the procedure can be accomplished in a couple of visits. With modern techniques and various anaesthetic options, many patients report that they are comfortable during the procedure.

Why is the root canal treatment?

When the tooth is severely infected, it is essential to get rid of the infected pulp inside the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading to the root and other tooth structures. Inflammation and infection in the middle of the tooth occur because of decay spread through the tooth, a crack, or chip. If it is not treated, it often results in severe pain and the formation of an abscess.

Is a root canal better than tooth extraction?

Indeed! Imagine yourself with a missing tooth. It is unsightly. Moreover, missing teeth can create a lot of dental problems if not replaced. A replacement could cost you even more than root canal treatment.

An infected tooth can lead to further complications which is why immediate treatment is advisable. Tooth extraction is used as a last resort by the dentists. We encourage patients to save their natural teeth whenever possible.

Does a root canal weaken my tooth?

Since the inner section of the tooth is removed, it weakens the overall structure of the tooth. But it can be reinforced by placing a dental crown.

If you have additional questions about root canal treatment, call our team any time for assistance. We are to help you!



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