Should you worry if your baby has a teeth discolouration?

Should you worry if your baby has a teeth discolouration?

It is horrific, if you have noticed in the recent times, that your baby’s teeth had suddenly had a discolouration.  This tooth discolouration is one of the leading dental issues in tots.  This dirty tooth, not only ruins the beautiful smile of the kids, but also, it affect their confidence levels, when he/she grows up.  If you are curious, as to why your tot has a teeth discoloration and what you can do about it – read further.

Reasons for tooth discolouration:

  • If the kid has fallen down and got hurt in the tooth, it can make it go pink or grey. Apart from this colour change, it is not usually harmful to the tooth.  Further treatment will be required only if the tooth gets infected.
  • Too much consumption of fluoride during the early stages of teeth formation might create stains. This condition is called dental fluorosis.
  • If the kid is undergoing an antibiotic treatment during the teeth formation, it can make the tooth grey. Even, if a pregnant woman takes tetracycline, it can later on change the colour of the baby’s tooth to grey.
  • Cavities can also cause dark stains on the teeth. If you suspect cavity in your kid’s tooth, then don’t hesitate to consult a Dentist in Blacktown.
  • Too much usage of baby bottle for feeding also causes tooth decay. Especially, brown stains on the front row of the teeth.

Treating Discolouration of Teeth:

The initial step is to take your tot to the best Dentist in blacktown, for a professional care.  The dentist might find various ways to clear up the stains:

  1. The dentist will analyse the cause for the stain and examine how many teeth are affected. Then he will recommend using baking soda with toothpaste, when the toddler brushes her teeth.
  2. The bleaching techniques available are – in office bleaching, whitening strips treatment and overnight vital bleaching.
  3. The doctor might use a pumice treatment or enclose a cap to the teeth, if the staining is caused by fluorosis.

Ways to prevent Toddler Teeth Discolouration:

Here are some tips to prevent toddler teeth discoloration, they are :

  1. Hold back your kid from consuming sugary liquids every time
  2. Never dip the pacifier in sugar liquids
  3. If the discoloration has occurred due to your tot’s poor dental health, ensure that you teach your kid, how to brush the teeth properly.
  4. Coach you child, that toothpaste should not be swallowed, and it should be spit.
  5. When your kid is already undergoing a discoloration, check with your dentist during the enamel development of the kid.

Calm down! It’s just a tooth discolouration.  Arrange for regular dental check-ups with a dentist in blacktown and he will help your kid to get rid of the dental issues.



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