1. Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom teeth are the third molar that grows at the back of your mouth. Sometimes there isn’t enough space for them to grow due to lack of space in your mouth. If there is no enough space to grow, your wisdom teeth

Ø  May not emerge fully

Ø  Completely hidden within your gum

Ø  Crowd nearby teeth

Ø  Grow at an angle

Ø  Grow horizontally

Any of this can cause various dental issues. Opting for wisdom teeth removal before it becomes a problem is a wise idea to avoid complicated surgery.

2. What will be the result, if my wisdom teeth are left as it is?

If you leave your wisdom tooth untreated, then it may cause severe damage to your jaw. During the formation and growth of wisdom teeth in the jawbones, your tooth will be in a sac. If your tooth is impacted, the sac will be filled up with fluid and finally it can turn into a cyst.

In the beginning the cyst will be asymptomatic, if you don’t take care of it, then it may be infected or it may start damaging the nearby teeth that may cause your jaw to become weak. You should be aware that the cyst may develop into non-cancerous tumors. Depending on the condition of your cyst, removing it may require removing a part of your jaw, too. So you need to undergo wisdom teeth removal at its early stage by the best dentist in Blacktown to avoid critical situations.

In case, if you don’t have wisdom teeth, then you are all good and no need of confusing with people who have wisdom teeth.

3. What is the right time for wisdom teeth removal surgery?

You need to remove your wisdom teeth before they start causing any dental problems. It is also recommended to have your wisdom teeth removed between the age of 14 and 18, since the root might not grow completely at this stage. Also the dentists in Blacktown suggest to remove the wisdom teeth before it cause any severe inflammation or infection.

When you become older, your wisdom teeth roots become stronger making the bones harder. This makes your wisdom teeth removal procedure difficult and risky with many complications. Recovery may also take more time.

4. What to expect on the day of wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Your dentist may instruct you to avoid the intake of foods and drinks before your wisdom teeth removal surgery, since general anesthesia may make you vomit. In case, your dentist uses general anesthesia for your surgery, you need someone to drive you home after the surgery.

The night before the surgery you need to take rest for a long time. Getting plenty of sleep the night before your surgery can help you to reduce your anxiety regarding the surgery. It also prepares your body to gain strength by itself to get ready for the healing process after the surgery.