Warning Oral Health Signs you should not ignore

Warning Oral Health Signs you should not ignore

About 9 in 10 diseases are said to cause symptoms in your mouth. This puts your dentist on the front line to spot some severe health problems that develop silently in your body. This becomes an important reason to visit your dentist Blacktown at least two times a year for dental checkup and cleaning. On the other hand, caring for your oral cavity at home is also vital to watch for new problems. These might be warning signs of some severe health conditions or changes occurring in your body. The symptoms you should look out for includes:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Recurring bad breath
  • Tooth, gum, or jaw pain
  • Soreness, lumps, or irregular patches in your mouth
  • Lose or lost tooth

If you happen to notice any of these signs, check with your dentist right away. He will diagnose specific dental issues and prevent them from developing.

Jaw or Mouth Pain:

Jaw and mouth pain can be a symptom of oral problems like tooth decay, wisdom teeth eruption, etc. The dentist Blacktown will check your mouth when you suffer jaw and mouth pain and suggest you with appropriate treatments like wisdom teeth removal Blacktown, or other dental procedures.

Jaw and mouth pain, along with symptoms like cold sores, are often signs of stress. Stress can contribute to many mental and physical disorders. Your dentist can help identify the source of jaw discomfort, such as sinus problems, tooth problems, and common symptoms, which can save a life.

Bleeding and Sore Gums:

Gums that bleed might be as a result of gum disease. It is common in people with underlying conditions like diabetes that reduces the body’s resistance to infection. This, in turn, can put you at risk for inflammation due to bacteria. Here are some other oral signs of diabetes to look for:

  • Fruity smelling breath
  • Dry mouth
  • Oral fungal infections

Loose or Lost Teeth

Teeth that move from its socket or fallout unexpectedly could be a sign of gum disease. One of the early signs of osteoporosis could be tooth loss that decreases bone density and weaken your bones. Many studies show the link between the bone loss in the jaw that anchors the teeth and osteoporosis.

Change in Enamel and Tooth:

Translucent tooth enamel is a sign of acid reflux and eating disorders. Excessive vomiting as in bulimia can also lead to other oral health problems like:

  • Dry and cracked lips
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Dry mouth
  • Swelling in salivary glands
  • Loss of tooth enamel

When you visit your dentist with eroded enamel, and if there is an underlying cause, he would suggest you better treatment options. If the colour of your teeth changes due to bad food habits or age, the dentist will recommend professional teeth whitening Blacktown.


Sudden tooth pain while consuming cold or hot beverages and food means you have sensitivity. This can be caused by:

  • Exposed tooth root
  • Result of receding gums
  • Tooth decay
  • Worn out tooth enamel
  • Fractured teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Damaged fillings

Although anti sensitive toothpaste can help reduce the discomfort, you should visit a dentist to determine its cause to protect other teeth from the same sensitivity.



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