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A filling is made from either composite resit or amalgam. This treatment is used when there is a cavity in the tooth; cavities are caused by decay and if left untreated decay can cause more severe problems than a cavity. For instance, if left untreated decay can spread down to the roots of the tooth and cause further problems. If at this stage it is not treated than it can—in severe cases—lead to tooth loss.

White (composite) fillings

A white filling is an effective method of filling in a cavity. Because of the material used for this filling it is a more efficient way of treating a cavity. This type of filling also has an aesthetic benefit because it can be colour-matched to your natural tooth.

Amalgam (metal) fillings

A cheaper alternative to white fillings, metal fillings are composed of an alloy which contains silver, tin, copper, mercury and zinc. Metal fillings are durable and can withstand the bite pressure of molar teeth over a long period of time.

Dental fillings

The best treatment for you will depend on the condition of your teeth. When you visit Westpoint Dental Clinic one of our dentists will assess your oral health and determine the best treatment for you.

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