Teeth Whitening After a Root Canal Treatment – What You Ought to Know

Teeth Whitening After a Root Canal Treatment – What You Ought to Know

Teeth discolouration is a common problem that occurs after a root canal Blacktown. Discolouration of your tooth after a root canal is caused by the material used by your dentist to fill your tooth following a root canal. It can also be caused by the breakdown of haemoglobin from the blood inside your teeth or medications. Special treatments are required to restore the bright and white appearance of these teeth. Dentists in Blacktown suggest a tooth whitening method called internal bleaching to whiten the discoloured tooth. Here we’ve explained how teeth whitening works after getting a root canal.

Teeth Whitening and Root Canal

Generally, tooth discolouration is caused by alcohol, smoking, drinking too much coffee and wine, and more. Teeth discolouration caused by these reasons is called extrinsic discolouration. This issue can be eliminated by making simple lifestyle changes, using whitening toothpastes, in-office teeth whitening Blacktown, and more.

But teeth discolouration caused by root canal treatment is not extrinsic. The discolouration occurs from deep inside and is called intrinsic stains. For these cases, your dentists will use whitening agents that work from the inside out. This is called internal bleaching and can be performed at the same time as a root canal.

If you are opting for teeth whitening Blacktown at a later time after getting root canal treatment, you will need a complete dental examination to determine which teeth whitening treatment is appropriate. The internal bleaching procedure involves placing a bleaching agent into the pulp chamber. The bleaching agent fills the hollow gaps in the tooth and prevents the tooth from discolouring. This is a safe and effective tooth whitening procedure. In some cases, this procedure doesn’t provide the necessary whitening results. So, other options such as dental veneers, crowns, and other whitening options are considered.

Steps Involved in Internal Bleaching

  • Educate patients about the probable causes of teeth discolouration, the procedure used to fix discolouration, and the expected results.
  • Record the shade of the discoloured teeth and take pictures.
  • Radiographs are done to assess the tissues and quality of the root canal treatment. If there is a treatment failure, retreatment is suggested before getting internal bleaching.
  • Remove the restoration material from the access cavity and thoroughly clean the hidden areas.
  • A layer of cement base is used to minimise the leakage of the bleaching agents.
  • Remove excess of the bleaching agent from undercuts in the pulp horns and gingival areas.
  • An appointment is scheduled after three weeks to analyse the results of this procedure.

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