Root Canal Treatment: All You Need To Know

Root Canal Treatment: All You Need To Know

Many people experience the discomfort of toothaches or tooth pain at some point in their lives, and while there are many reasons this can happen, one of the most common culprits is an infected tooth, a dental Blacktown condition known as root canal infection. But if you’re afraid of getting root canals, you shouldn’t be; we’re here to explain why you should have them done as soon as possible and what to expect during the procedure itself.

Root Canal Overview

If you’ve ever had a cavity, a common dental Blacktown condition, in your tooth, you might be familiar with root canal therapy. Although it may sound scary, rest assured that root canal treatment is usually completed within one to two visits. The procedure is extremely common, and many people who have had it done report no long-term pain or issues.

So what exactly does root canal therapy entail? Let’s take a closer look at how it works and why so many people choose to undergo it.

Also known as endodontic therapy, root canal treatment involves removing infected tissue from inside a tooth’s pulp chamber and replacing it with inert filler materials. This cleans out any bacteria that could potentially spread to other parts of your body during an infection. Your Blacktown dentist will perform these procedures using specialised tools designed specifically for cleaning and shaping teeth. He or she will also restore teeth using fillings such as amalgam (silver) fillings.

Is It Necessary?

In some cases, root canals are 100% necessary. If you’re experiencing pain from a tooth infection, known as cavities and there is no remedy other than removing your tooth, then yes, a root canal might be your only option for treatment. But what if you just have a cracked tooth? What if it’s not hurting at all? Do you really need to go through with a procedure that could potentially hurt more than good? It depends on who you ask. Some dentists will tell their patients that they absolutely must get their infected teeth removed; others will say that in most cases, antibiotics and time are enough to heal an infected tooth.

Getting Ready for Treatment

Before your procedure, you will meet with your dentist to discuss your treatment options. When determining which treatment is best for you, your dentist will ask questions such as: How do you feel about having a root canal? What is causing you pain? Are there any diseases that run in your family? Do you take medications regularly (i.e., blood thinners or antibiotics)?

Recovery Time & Follow Up

Once your root canal procedure is complete, your dentist will place a crown over your tooth to prevent it from becoming infected. You’ll be given antibiotics to aid in recovery and return for a follow-up appointment within one month so that your dentist can ensure that you are healing properly.

Post-Treatment Tips

When your root canal is complete, there are a few things you can do to reduce any post-treatment discomfort. If your teeth were numb during treatment, it’s likely they will be sensitive to hot and cold right after. Try drinking lots of water, and take the prescribed medicines. You should be fine in a couple of hours.

For further queries on root canal therapy, please call our Blacktown dental clinic. Our dentist can help you find the right treatment.



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