How Do You Handle Dental Emergencies?

How Do You Handle Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, from a sports injury to a fall. There could be a number of unfortunate situations which could leave you at the risk for a dental emergency. These dental emergencies cannot be disregarded. In this scenario, it is important to visit your emergency dentist Blacktown following an accident or injury to avoid further damage and to reinstate the oral health. Here we have listed a few tips from the dentist Blacktown to handle a dental emergency –

Knocked Out Tooth

Your tooth might get knocked out because of injuries or accidents. This has to be handled quickly and efficiently. You can save the tooth by carefully positioning it on the socket gently. In case if you are not able to place it in the socket, soak it in a cup of milk and rush to the emergency dentist Blacktown. Avoid scrubbing the tooth.

Pain in Tooth

This situation is very common in most people. But, suffering from major toothache may worsen the situation, especially when at home.  Disregarding the toothache will spoil the oral health further. Hence immediate precautions should be taken. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with lukewarm water and use a floss to remove any accumulated food particles in the mouth.  This should ease off the toothache. In case if you experience intense pain, it could be due to the impacted wisdom teeth.  In this situation, you must visit an expert in wisdom teeth removal Blacktown.

Chipped Teeth

If your tooth does not get completely knocked out, it will become chipped.  The right way is to gather all the pieces and rinse the mouth to stop bleeding. In case, if it bleeds continually, apply cotton in the affected area until bleeding ends. You can also apply ice pack on the affected area to prevent swelling and ease off the pain until you meet the dentist.

Objects Stuck Between Teeth

If you encounter the situation of particles getting stuck in the tooth, use a floss to remove it. In the event of floss not working, seeing a dentist immediately is the right solution. Now, don’t use any sharp objects to remove the particles, as it will scratch the tooth, which will lead to tooth damage.

Filling is Lost

If the filling in your teeth gets removed, you can save the tooth by fixing a piece of sugar free chewing gum on the area to avoid cavity and pain. You will have to visit a dentist immediately to avoid any dental emergencies.

Have you encountered a dental emergency? Don’t worry, emergency dentist Blacktown can restore your smile with the latest tooth replacement options and restore your smile back.



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