Dental Tips from Leading Dentist in Blacktown

Dental Tips from Leading Dentist in Blacktown

To keep your smile bright, your teeth strong and healthy, it’s important to take care of your dental health by vising your dentist in Blacktown regularly. Whatever your age -8 or 80 – you need to concentrate on your teeth and gums. If you don’t, you will get the chance of dental problems such as cavities to wisdom teeth extraction, and could even go up to tooth loss. Here in this blog, a leading dentist in Blacktown has explained how to keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

  • See a Dentist Every 6 Months
  • Brush and Floss at both AM and PM
  • Get Regular Calcium and Vitamin D Foods
  • Avoid Sugary Foods

See a Dentist Every 6 Months

For every 6 months, don’t forget to visit your Blacktown dentist. People think there are no problems in the teeth, so why visit a dentist in the first place? Dentists will systematically clean your teeth, and check for cavities, plaque and any other dental issues that need to be addressed. So do regular check and analyse the problem in the starting stage.

Brush and Floss at both AM and PM

You should brush at least twice a day .The best time to brush is after you eat a meal at night, and after you wake up from bed in the morning. Also you should floss at the same time. It’s better to use fluoride toothpaste and use soft-bristled toothbrush. Soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste is the best choice to remove plaque and debris from your teeth.

Get Regular Calcium and Vitamin D Foods

Calcium is important to have a strong teeth and dense bones, as well as vitamin D is essential to your body.

You will get regular source of calcium and vitamin D from dairy products and nuts, and some of the foods are as follows:

Foods which are high in calcium:

  • Fish, like sardines, salmon, perch, and rainbow trout
  • Orange juice, oatmeal, and breakfast cereal
  • Collards, soybeans, white beans and more.

Foods which are high in Vitamin D

  • Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon
  • Orange juice, soy milk, cereals and dairy products
  • Cheese
  • Egg yolks

Avoid Sugary Foods

Avoid any drinks and foods which consist of more sugar. If you ate sugary food or drinks, don’t forget to drink water and brush your teeth after eating. Water is much healthier and better for your teeth than sugary drinks and sodas.


Do more research and find the best Emergency dentist in Blacktown. Visit your dentist regularly to take good care of your teeth. They will always steer you away from the best direction for optimal the good oral health and give idea to maintain your oral health.



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