Why Mouthguards are an Essential Equipment for Athletes

Why Mouthguards are an Essential Equipment for Athletes

Most athletes wouldn’t prefer playing their sport without a helmet and a mouthguard on. Besides performance, safety is always a priority while competing in the field. Mouthguard is a highly useful safety equipment that protects its users from teeth and jaw injuries. Whether your sports activity involves contact with other players or not, mouthguards are highly recommended for effective protection. Here’s more explained by a dental Blacktown expert:

The Importance of Mouthguard:

The underlying purpose of using a mouthguard is to offer you safety from sports injuries. This was initially demonstrated by professional boxers. A strong blow to the mouth can cause damage to the teeth, which is why mouthguards are pretty much inevitable. This equipment is equally important for other types of sports as well.

Uses of a Mouthguard:

Here are some important uses of a mouthguard worth noting:

  • Cushions the teeth to prevent injuries or fractures
  • Reduces the incidences of neck injuries
  • Prevents bruising and cuts caused during impact
  • Protection for the lower jaw, thus averting injuries or fracture
  • Prevents contact with opposite teeth

Sports injuries can be quite damaging. It’s not just about losing one or more teeth. If there’s a neck or jaw injury, you may not even be able to play your sport again! A good quality mouthguard, provided by dental Blacktown experts, can minimise the chances of a broken jaw or concussion.

Types of Mouthguards:

The common types of mouthguards are as follows:

Stock/Standard Mouthguards: These are the regular mouthguards that can be purchased from any store selling sports goods. They are ready-to-wear, but aren’t the ideal choice for users. Mouthguards are not one size fit all, so a standard variant may not be suitable for many. Users would feel uncomfortable, and safety cannot be fully ensured with this type.

Custom Mouthguards: A custom mouthguard is the most suitable option for athletes. These are offered by proficient dentists in Blacktown to deliver the best fit, safety, and comfort. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth, using which a custom mouthguard will be designed for you. Custom mouthguards are not just comfortable to wear, but they also cause zero difficulties in breathing and talking.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Mouthguards should be thoroughly cleaned after usage. If not, it will easily instigate bacterial growth. Once you remove the mouthguard, rinse it properly with cold water and brush it to remove dirt. Never wash them in hot water as it could cause damage. After cleaning, let it dry completely.

If you are someone who’s heavily involved in any type of sport or activity that’s quite hazardous in nature, a mouthguard is a must-have. Custom-made mouthguards are always the best option for you, for its ability to offer the best fit and protection compared to its readymade counterparts. Schedule your appointment with good Blacktown dentists offering high quality mouthguards soon.



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