What Causes Tooth Discolouration?

What Causes Tooth Discolouration?

Do you know how you feel about your teeth can affect your self-confidence? Yes! Most of them agree that they are unhappy with their smile. While there several reasons why people feel bad about their body, the way teeth look and smile is one of them. Indeed, teeth are one of the first things people notice about a person. So, bad teeth can significantly reduce confidence. A smile that doesn’t look perfect includes everything from tooth decay, misaligned teeth, missing teeth, and tooth discolouration. Teeth discolouration is one of the major reasons why people avoid smiling showing their teeth, shows research.

Tooth discolouration is a common condition that can happen to anyone for a range of reasons. Fortunately, many of the stains could be treated and prevented. This is when teeth whitening Blacktown comes to the rescue as it helps to remove the stain and restore the shine of your teeth. However, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the causes of teeth staining and how you could prevent it.

So, what causes teeth staining?

Food and drink

Most of the dark-coloured foods and drinks contain chemicals called chromogens. Red wine consists of tannic acid, and it could stain tooth enamel. These stains may become permanent, if a person has poor dental hygiene. Most of the foods and drinks contain artificial colours and dyes, which can cause significant staining of the teeth.

Nicotine and tobacco products

Smoking is not good for both oral and overall health, yet people tend to smoke. Tobacco products contain certain chemicals that can stick to microscopic pores in the tooth enamel. When these particles build-up with repeated use of cigar and other products it can result in tooth discolouration. Stains caused by cigar, chewing, or dipping tobacco products tend to become darker over time and become harder to remove. Only a cosmetic dentist Blacktown could remove the stain caused by nicotine products using special stain removers and tools.

Tooth decay

Plaque and tartar bacteria produce acid, which attacks the enamel of a tooth. As the acid weakens the enamel, the yellowish layers of the tooth become evident, and the teeth may appear yellowish-brown.


As you age, teeth become more brittle and allow staining or yellow teeth. When a tooth injury is major cause, the damaged tooth can be darkened.

What can you do to remove stains?

There are products in the market to remove the stains. But, they are not advisable as they may or may not work. Visit your cosmetic dentist Blacktown to get a customised treatment plan to remove the stain from your teeth. While teeth whitening help removing the stains, the dentist is the right person to determine whether or not you are a candidate for receiving teeth whitening procedure.

In addition to it, ensure to visit the Blacktown dentist regularly for regular dental cleanings as it can help to reduce the stains and spots.



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