Foods That Actually Affect Your Oral Health

Foods That Actually Affect Your Oral Health

Food is the medicine, and we all know that. Unfortunately, we are caught in the generation where everything we eat is poison. Yes, that’s the bitter truth of modern food! This pandemic is a wakeup call for all of us to change our lifestyle and food habits. Of course, we are producing and consuming food more than ever, yet they cause life-threatening diseases.

Certain foods are very harmful to both oral and overall health. But, still, we consume it. One of the most dangerous foods is the refined sugar and all whites. According to the Australian Dental Association, “More than half of Australians (52%) exceeded the WHO recommendation.’’ Foods that are sugary and sticky are harmful to teeth and gums.

Here is a list of foods that affect your oral health, as suggested by Blacktown dentists:-


Those hard candies on the market may seem to be harmless and delicious. But, eating too much candies and the constant exposure to sugar can be harmful to your teeth. The candies are just loaded with sugar, food colour, and preservatives. There’s no fruit or something you believe that’s not harmful to your health. So, the next time when you buy your kids those candies think of harmful they are. Instead, get some fruits and make smoothies.


Some really have the habit of chewing ice cubes. Well, ice is for chilling not for chewing. Ice is not good for your teeth; instead they can harm the gums and enamel of your tooth. You wouldn’t want to visit the emergency dentist Blacktown due to a dental emergency. Would you? Quit chewing ice and take water in liquid form.

Acidic foods

There’s nothing wrong in taking acidic foods and citrus intake. But, frequent exposure to acidic foods can eat away the enamel, causing dental cavities, infection, inflammation, and pain.


We all consume coffee and tea. Of course, they are healthy beverages. But, how many cups in a day? Besides, many of us can’t resist adding sugar. Coffee contains caffeine which can dry out the mouth and stain teeth. Limit the intake. One or two cups of tea or coffee in a day are fine. Taking too much can harm your Blacktown dental health.


Watching a movie or your favourite series in Netflix/Amazon with a bowl of popcorn is great. But, those buttered puffy bits could get stuck between your teeth and promote bacteria growth. Reduce the intake of popcorn.


Seriously? Yes! Chips are not a healthy snack. It’s loaded with carbohydrates, starch, and preservatives. It could get caught in-between teeth and lead to plaque build-up, leading cause of gum disease and cavities.

What we eat matters a lot. Be mindful what you are putting inside your mouth. Remember, health is wealth! If you are suffering from a dental issue, don’t hesitate to visit our Blacktown dental clinic. Our dentists are experienced and friendly and could suggest the right treatment for your dental issue.



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