Excellent Tips for Quick Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Extraction!

Excellent Tips for Quick Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Extraction!

“Opportunities Are Like Sunrises. If You Wait Too Long, You Miss Them”!

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that grow between the late teens and early adulthood. When they erupt at proper angles, there won’t be any problem. But, when your jawbone doesn’t have enough space to lodge the new set of teeth, they become impacted and get trapped below the gum line. This may lead to various oral complications. At this phase, dental professionals strongly suggest having your wisdom teeth removed.

After the removal, it’s important to plan for a fast recovery. Here, the dentist in Blacktown offers few excellent tips to speed-up the recovery time. The recovery time varies for each person depending on the health condition and severity of the case. Some may experience minor discomfort, while others may have swelling.

Be Cautious Of What You Eat!

Be sure to avoid solid foods for the two days after the surgery. For the first few days, follow soft food diets like milkshakes, creamed soups, smoothies, ice cream, fruit squashes, yogurt, and much more. You can then slowly shift to veggie soups, mashed potatoes, bananas, applesauce and then to solid foods.

The dental expert from the Blacktown dental clinic recommends avoiding hot foods and beverages for two to three hours post-surgery since the tooth sockets will take some time to heal properly. Try not to disturb the surgical site to avoid blood clot. It may take up to a few months for complete healing.

Proper Oral Hygiene!

Start to brush your teeth the day after surgery. Don’t rinse your mouth during the first few days since it could free the clots in the sockets. If the blood clots come out, you may experience pain. After two or three days, gently rinse your mouth at least 5 to 6 times a day after each meal. Professionals often state that proper care and maintenance speed-up the healing process.

Take Complete Rest!

During the healing process, take complete rest and avoid energetic activities. It’s really important to avoid exercises for the first 24 hours after the extraction process. Elevate your head with some soft pillows while resting. After the extraction of your wisdom teeth, you may suffer swelling and some bleeding. Take antibiotics as prescribed by your physician to avoid the discomfort. When planning for the wisdom teeth extraction, consider the wisdom teeth removal in Blacktown!

It’s strongly recommended for the patients to avoid touching the surgical site and the tongue since it may cause infections and other complications with the healing process. Smoking and usage of tobacco products should be avoided completely. The dentist in Blacktown declares that following these simple steps help speed-up the healing process!



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