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  • No Gap Check-ups for Families!
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  • We can identify problems early
  • Special interest in Children’s dentistry
  • Emergency appointments also available
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“Our microscope has improved the way we help our patients. Not only can we show them visually what needs attention when it comes to their dental health, but we are also picking up issues and even disease earlier than with our old techniques.”

— Dr Nosratieh, Westpoint Dental Clinic

Both of our esteemed dentists have over a decade of experience in dentistry. Throughout their time in the dental industry our dentists have gained experience in the private and public sectors of dentistry as well as experience in emergency care. Dr Meshkani was a dental officer at Westmead Hospital’s Oral Health Centre which has given him the invaluable experience of dealing with a broad variety of extremely complex issues.

Microscopic dentistry – what that means for our patients

Microscopic dentistry is changing the face of dentistry, and the experience for patients. Westpoint Dental Clinic is one of the first dental clinics in New South Wales to use microscopic dentistry for a majority of their treatments. We are extremely passionate about this technology as it allows us to provide our patients with:

  • A precise and accurate way to complete their treatment
  • Early identification of decay and other dental issues
  • A thorough clean which leaves no crevice unclean

You won’t fully understand just how different your dental appointment will be until you visit our practice for your first check-up with our dental microscope.

We cater to everyone in the family

Our dental microscope enables our staff to effectively capture and share important aspects of your check-up with patients. This also helps when treating our younger patients, as we can show them aspects of their own mouth to explain treatment processes. We find that children (and adults) usually respond well to this technology, as there is less need for the dentist to invade their personal space. We can also ensure that your child has a great start when it comes to a healthy smile as we can identify issues early.

No-Gap Check-up for Families


We offer no gap dental check-ups for families when you book together. This includes a check-up, scale, polish, fluoride treatment and 2 x-rays. Ask our team about this today on  02 8294 2355.

We can straighten, restore and improve your smile

Our dental team have different areas of interest including prosthodontics, orthodontics and endodontics. Our dentists have undergone extra training in these areas to help provide our patients with a high level of care and ideal results.

Our orthodontic and prosthodontic solutions can help improve the appearance of your smile by either straightening the teeth or through the creation of a prosthetic (e.g. crown, bridge, veneers). Endodontics entails root canal treatment which can help save your tooth after it has suffered from severe decay.

Dentist Seven Hills NSW

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