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Westpoint Dental Clinic aims to create an outstanding experience for their clients during every visit; from our technology to our level of consideration.

  • Discounts for families available
  • Microscopic dentistry
  • Able to treat complex issues
  • Special interest in family and children’s dentistry
  • Specials available for some treatments
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“We make an effort to cater to families as well as individuals in need of a high level of care. If you need anything from a root canal to a general check-up: our team has you covered”

— Dr Meshkani, Westpoint Dental Clinic

Our dentists, Dr Meshkani and Dr Nosratieh, have over a decade of experience in dentistry. They have worked in hospital settings, as well as in private clinics, so they have a broad range of experience to help treat their patients. Dr Meshkani is interested in orthodontics and helping patients achieve a straighter smile, while Dr Nosratieh has a special interest in root canal therapy and helping children.

Our Treatments

We maintain a broad range of treatments so that we can aptly treat all of our patients and their concerns. We also practice precision-based dentistry, which means that our main goal is not only to make sure that you receive the right treatment for you, but to the highest standard possible. We use microscopic dentistry for this purpose, so that we can evaluate and treat any potential problems down to the minutest details.

Here is a list of the treatments we perform with the assistance of our dental microscope:

  • Dental check-ups
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Fillings
  • Dental Implants
  • Treatment of cavities and disease management
  • Oral surgery

These are only some of the uses for the dental microscope as it is an extremely versatile tool which can help improve the precision of most procedures. We were one of the first dental clinics in Sydney to adopt this technology and we are happy that our patients get to experience its benefits.

We give back to our patients

We understand that dentistry is something that usually has to be budgeted for, especially if you are a family. This is why we offer a range of payment options and special offers to our patients, so they can hopefully find their visit with us as affordable as possible.

Our dental specials

  • $190 check-up for new patients
  • $600 in-chair teeth whitening
  • 10% off if you refer a friend

Contact our clinic to find out the most recent specials.

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