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Westpoint Dental Clinic is passionate about providing an exceptional level of service to their patients through technology and care

  • Families receive no-gap check-ups
  • Advanced microscopic dentistry in use
  • Early treatment of decay and disease
  • Special interest in Children’s dentistry
  • Dental specials available
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“We partner our technology with our passion to provide a truly versatile range
of treatments including cosmetic treatments, orthodontics and endodontics to treat complex issues.”

— Dr Meshkani, Westpoint Dental Clinic

Over a decade in dentistry has given our dentists the hands-on experience to treat a broad range of complex issues. Our primary dentists, Dr Meshkani and Dr Nosratieh are passionate about endodontics and orthodontics, and continue their education to improve the support they can provide patients. Our dentists are very passionate about our advanced technology, and we were one of the first practices to adopt microscopic dentistry as a standard for all of our treatments.

Why our patients love microscopic dentistry

While microscopic dentistry may not seem like a huge benefit to the everyday consumer, once our patients understand this technology they truly understand its value. First of all we ask our patients to imagine looking at their kitchen from far away. It would probably look clean right? Now use a magnifying glass on the bench, the sink and the handles. You will most likely find many small areas that need to be cleaned that you didn’t know were there before. This is the same effect when it comes to keeping your mouth clean and healthy. If you visit a dentist that is only looking at the problem in plain-sight then you will probably not be getting as thorough a clean as you could be.

This becomes even more important when it comes to treat issues like dental decay, as the smallest amount of decay left after treatment could send you straight back to the dental chair in a month.

Overall microscopic dentistry aids and improves treatment in these areas:

  • Disease management (periodontitis)
  • Cavity treatment (fillings, fissure sealants etc.)
  • Your general clean and scale

Other than benefitting these unique areas, it also improves the overall patient experience with easier communication with the patient, more personalised treatment and increased longevity of oral health.

Patient specials available!

We understand that families and individuals may find it difficult to budget for their dental check-up. This is why we are happy to offer our patients a range of special offers including:

  • $190 New patient special
  • $600 In-chair Teeth Whitening
  • 10% off if you refer a friend

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