An Overview of Dental Bridges – What You Need to Know

An Overview of Dental Bridges – What You Need to Know

The world of dentistry offers different tooth restoration solutions that can help replace your missing teeth and get back your smile. Dental bridges are one of the most popular solutions that can bring back your pleasant smile and good oral health. If you’d like to learn more about this acclaimed dental solution, this guide from a dental Blacktown expert will help out.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of restorative treatment that has delivered good results for millions of people around the world. A dental bridge, which is often referred to as a “false tooth”, can be used when one or more teeth need to be restored or replaced.

A dental Blacktown expert prepares your adjacent healthy teeth for the placement of the dental bridge by cutting away portions of their surrounding gum and bone where needed. Dentures are typically made out of porcelain or other material. Once they are designed, the dentures are cemented onto the prepared area in the mouth.

How is a Dental Bridge made?

  1. A bridge is created by taking an impression of teeth and gums, which are used to make a model.
  2. A mould is then taken from the model, from which the bridge will be constructed.
  3. The teeth on either side of your missing tooth are prepared to act as abutments for the new bridge.
  4. A new dental bridge is then created, which will mimic your natural tooth structure closely.
  5. The final stage of the procedure involves cementing the bridge into place.
  6. Temporary crowns may be applied to ensure that everything fits properly. Two weeks later, this temporary crown is removed and a permanent crown is bonded to the tooth.

How Beneficial are Dental Bridges?

  • Eat Better:

Tooth loss can cause discomfort when people are eating their food. They will also experience pain when the surrounding teeth starts shifting towards the empty space. Even worse, food particles will be trapped, causing gum damage and infections. All of this can be prevented with dental bridges.

  • Improve Speaking:

People who have lost more than one tooth will have a hard time pronouncing certain words. This problem can be resolved by using dental bridges offered by a Blacktown dentist.

  • Prevents Teeth Shifting:

Once you experience tooth loss, you will notice that the adjacent teeth will slowly shift towards the open space. When this space is refilled with an artificial tooth, teeth shifting can be stopped.

  • Retain Your Facial Appearance:

Loss of teeth will lead to jaw bone deterioration, which can alter your facial appearance. By restoring missing teeth using dental bridges, your jaw bone will remain healthy and the shape of your face will be maintained.

Dental bridges are indeed cost effective when you want to replace your missing teeth. Talk to a recognised Blacktown dental clinic if you have any questions.



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